1 In-Service Training Needs Assessment For Malaysian Secondary Science Teachers : A Preparation Towards Lifelong Learning. IRPA 07-02-02-0021-EA193 Co-Researcher

2 The Impact of the Use of Integrated Teaching Strategy In School Classroom, GG/014/2003 Co-Researcher

3 Professional Needs of Mathematics Teacher ,G/013/2005 Principal Researcher

4 The Implementation of E-Learning in Selected Courses at the Faculty of Education, UKM/GG/015/2005 Co-Researcher

5 Conceptual and Procedural Problem Solving Among Secondary Schools Students.,GG/008/2005 Principal Researcher

6 Teachers’ School Based Practice and Action Study: Professional Development for the Integration of ICT in the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English in rural Secondary Schools, GG/001/2008(GL) Co-Researcher

7 Development and Evaluation of ICT Based Digital Instructional Pedagogical Module for Mathematics Teachers., UKM-GG-05-FRGS0006 Co-Researcher

8 Design and Development of Web-based Index System for ICT integration in Education in Malaysian Secondary Schools. (Wis-Icted).06-01-02-Sf0465 01-02-2008. Co-Researcher

9 Test of English language Competency for The Teaching of Science and mathematics for Malaysian Secondary School Teachers. UKM-GUP-TKS-08-09-251 Co-Researcher

10 Development of Beliefs about Mathematics, Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Instrument for Pre-Service Teachers. UKM-GUP-TKS-08-09-248 Principal Researcher

11 Development of Learning Science and Mathematics and Physics Kits: Towards the Development of Scientific Thinking Skills Among Students Using Hybrid Approach, UKM-GUP-TMK-08-03-309 Co-Researcher

12 MOODLE Application in Mathematical Methods Course Principal Researcher

13 Pembangunan Modul Aktiviti Geometri Dalam Persekitaran Perisian Geometri Dinamik, UKM-GUP-2011-077 Principal Researcher

14 Meningkatkan Kualiti Penulisan Sorotan Literatur Melalui Pendekatan Berasaskan Web Dalam Kalangan Pelajar Siswazah, PTS-2012-019 Principal Researcher

15 Pembelajaran Kolaboratif & Komunikasi Efektif dalam Persekitaran MOODLE, PTS-2011-120 Principal Researcher

16 Understanding of Concept, Meaning and Higher Cognitive Strategies among Mathematics Secondary School Teachers,ERGS ERGS/1/2012/SSI09/UKM/02/7 Principal Researcher

17. Implementation of Lesson Study (Jugyokenkyuu); Comparison between Malaysia and Japan - Sumitomo Foundation GG-2014-002 (Internationaal Grant-Co-Researcher)

18. Pembangunan Instrumen Penyelesaian Masalah Prosedural dan Konseptual Bagi Guru Pelatih IPTA. GUP -2013-055 Principal Researcher

19. The structural model of self-efficacy, attitude, anxiety and achievement in statistics among graduate students. GGPM-2015-031 Co-Researcher

20. Co-Researcher for UNESCO Project in Timor-Leste 2017-2018 (Head of Project: Prof Dr Mohd Nizam Said). Youtube Video:

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